DMAA: A stimulant like no other

Stimulants have been used by people from different walks of life ever since civilization began. They take it for different reasons, but most of them take these drugs in order to loosen up and feel better about themselves. Also, people take these drugs to elevate themselves to another level, so to speak. However, the negative effects of stimulants are also well documented. We already know how many deaths have the excessive and improper use of stimulants have caused. And more than a fair share of crimes has been influenced by stimulants. Enter DMAA, a drug that is aiming to change all those misconceptions by being a “clean” drug.


English: Flowers of the regal pelargonium (Pel...

Geranium - plant which DMAA is produced from.

But what exactly sets apart DMAA from the rest of the stimulants? For starters, this drug is known on various names. Its generic names include Methylhexanamine and dimethylamylamine. It was also sold under various product names; with some of the most popular ones including Forthane and Geranamine. Historically used as a nasal decongestant and as treatment for swollen oral tissues that have undergone hypertrophy or hyperplasia, it has become popular once more as a dietary supplement. It would be not long before people discover its stimulant properties, hence their extensive use for drugs such as “party pills”.


But what is responsible for the stimulant effect of DMAA? Their effect can be explained by looking at the substance at the molecular level. It is structurally related to amphetamine and ephedrine, even though it is not classified as a catecholamine. In fact, with the exception of a lack of a phenyl ring, it is similar to amphetamine. And it is also structurally similar with propylhexedrine with the exception of the lack of 2 carbons. Because of these similarities, methylhexanamine is known to have the similar effect to the central nervous system as some dangerous substances such as meth, with the huge difference that it is legal for use in all countries in the world.


DMAA is historically known to be included in pills and in other similar ready to consume forms, ready to pump up a person’s energy and awareness. However, there are only a few people that know that they can actually avail DMAA in its purest form: powder. Derived straight out of the Pelargonium plant, a plant that is also known for its common name geranium, this powder is a natural and pure form of this drug. As a proof of its purity, even a miniscule amount of this power is enough to charge up someone. Just incorporate a small amount (25 milligrams is recommended) into your pill or coffee drink, and expect the effects to kick in within 30 minutes. However, it must be noted that just like any drug, it is not recommended for someone to overdose on this product. In fact, a person must only take at most 90 mg of this substance.


Now, you might ask yourself where you can order pure DMAA powder. Just log in to this website and you are going to be able to see how. The steps are simple, and buying is both safe and secure. Discounts for bulk orders are offered, and shipping is even free of charge!

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